RESP Leaflet

Tannery Morroco

Today, global environmental, social and economic challenges are mounting. Biodiversity and natural capital are being lost atalarming rates.

Effective laws and regulations to manage access to and use of natural capital in a sustainable and equitable manner are vital to secure long-term prosperity for all.

Making scientific knowledge more applicable, integrating natural capital valuation and accounting, and ensuring access to relevant information is crucial to decision-making processes.

Securing access to strategic resources, ensuring responsibility and traceability of supply chains, and integrating environmental performance from the design stages to the end product, are indispensable to the long-term success of businesses.

No single stakeholder can do this alone. Collective action is essential.

RESP was established in 2013 as a not-for profit organisation by a group of entities from the fashion, cosmetics and jewellery industries, governments, academic institutions and NGOs who realised the need to take collective action and leadership towards measuring, defining and promoting the sustainable management of natural capital as a means of achieving sustainable and inclusive growth that benefits people and nature.

With its current members, RESP continues to grow and inspire change.

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