Terms and conditions of membership

Who may join RESP?

As a member-based multi-stakeholder organisation, RESP welcomes expressions of interest from companies, intergovernmental organisations, non-governmental organisations, government agencies and academic institutions that are involved in, influence, regulate or support global value chains of the cosmetics, fashion and/or jewellery industries.

If you are an individual expert, a trade or industry association, a standards-setting  or certification body, a service or consulting company, a company from another industry or another entity with a different structure than those mentioned above, please consult our “Becoming a partner” webpage.

Eligibility criteria

Prospective members should be able to demonstrate a clear commitment to creating net positive environmental, social and economic impacts by fostering changes towards the sustainable use of biodiversity and natural resources, based on effective collaboration between the cosmetics, fashion, jewellery industries and its key stakeholders.

In addition, to be eligible for membership of RESP, interested entities should:

  • Adhere to the Articles of Association of the Responsible Ecosystems Sourcing Platform
  • Be legally and operationally independent.
  • Nominate at least one Focal Point, to be responsible for managing the relationship with the RESP Secretariat. 
  • Participate and be actively involved in the work programme of at least one International Working Group of RESP.
  • For-profit members must pay an annual membership fee based on annual revenue as determined by the General Assembly. 

Application process

Membership to RESP is by invitation only.

Entities interested in becoming members of RESP should send a brief expression of interest outlining the entities areas of operation, its alignment with RESP’s mission and objectives, and the reasons why the membership to RESP would be beneficial both to the prospective member and to RESP. 

The note should be addressed to the Executive Director and sent to the Stakeholder Engagement Manager whose contact details are available in Secretariat section of the website.

All expression of interests will be reviewed by the Executive Committee, which will make a formal recommendation to the Executive Director regarding the invitation of the entity to become member of RESP.