International Working Group on Natural Ingredients

The International Working Group on Natural Ingredients (IWG-NI) aims to generate innovative business models that improve the management and sustainability of natural ingredients in the cosmetics and fragrance industries.

The IWG-NI is currently defining priorities for issues ranging from the development of measurable indicators for business-related biodiversity and ecosystem services as well as assessing the conservation status of key ingredients.

One of the first projects that the IWG-NI has embarked on is on helping industry and source countries with the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol, an international agreement for the fair and equitable distribution of benefits arising from the use of genetic resources.    

In collaboration with partner institutions, the IWG-NI is undertaking a study to document and analyse the most significant innovation and value creation processes used by the industry in order to improve knowledge and understanding among governments and source country stakeholders. It is also determining the impact of the Nagoya Protocol on specific industry processes.

It is expected that the results of this project will allow determining the level of real benefits the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol could bring to communities around the world, while at the same time creating more opportunities to identify win-win-win opportunities for communities, the industry and biodiversity conservation.