About Us

Our mission

RESP’s mission is to create positive environmental, social and economic impacts by fostering change towards the sustainable use of biodiversity and natural resources, based on effective collaboration between the cosmetics, fashion, jewellery industries and their key stakeholders.

Our work

We recognise that governments alone cannot address the growing number of development challenges. Finding effective solutions requires the development of strategic and business-friendly collaborations. 

The cosmetics, fashion and jewellery industries have a unique opportunity to harness their expertise and influence to inspire behavioural changes towards sustainable lifestyle and create long-term positive impacts.

We design and implement sound business models that improve natural resource-based value chains management, by working in four key areas:

1. Determining best-practices and benchmarks related to sourcing activities, value addition process and the technologies used, and formulating best-in-class management plans, benefit sharing schemes and traceability systems.

 2. Integrating biodiversity and ecosystems services considerations into international standards and techniques related to measurement and assessment of impacts and product and material life cycles.

 3. Creating information and knowledge sharing tools enabling RESP constituencies to become agents of change by engaging their own stakeholders.

 4. Facilitating information exchange between businesses, policy actors and the scientific community and establishing alliances with institutions that support and influence relevant policy processes at the international through to the local level.